• Episode 104

    This week, the President tries to convince everyone that he’s, like, really smart despite what Michael Wolff’s new book says. Stephen Miller wanted to make sure the American public is aware of the political genius of our President, so he screamed at Jake Tapper on CNN for a while. Later, the Golden Globes get presidential, John Boyega defends diversity in Hollywood and Charlie Daniels is scared of the Belluminati.

  • Episode 103

    Happy New Year! Ben and Sean are back and if you thought 2017 was the pinnacle of crazy, just wait for 2018. The President has made it clear to anyone who cares that his “button” his huge. Also, Fire and Fury hits shelves this week and Sloppy Steve apparently made quite a mess for Trump and the rest of the administration. Later, Jeopardy teaches one contestant a valuable linguistics lesson, Logan Paul made one of the most tasteless videos ever posted to YouTube (which is saying a lot) and 2017 saw some pretty outrageous speeding tickets in Texas. All that and more, washed down with cheap champagne.