• Happy New Year!!

    Ben and Sean are taking the week off to reflect on which New Year resolution to go with. Let’s be honest, they’ll give up within a month. Regardless, Happy New Year from Almost Live Almost News! Listen to more antics by checking out past episodes and share the show on social media. Thanks for listening!

  • Episode 102


    Ben and Sean set out this week to have a nice, short Christmas episode. Thanks to a whole lot of eggnog, that’s not what happened. Trump and the GOP gave the country a new tax code for Christmas (because that’s what all the kids wanted), Bitcoin fever hit a new high and a former NBA player was the victim of a bizarre robbery. Later, Sean’s (spoiler-less) thoughts on The Last Jedi and both the guys weigh in on Netflix’s new El Camino Christmas. Merry¬†Chrismahanukwanzakah!

  • Episode 101


    This week, Ben and Sean are reminded there’s still some good in a world where Roy Moore isn’t an Alabama senator. Also, it’s almost Christmas and there’s a ton of holiday favorites to binge between now and then. Later, a new theory about Stonehenge has the science community aroused.

  • Episode 100!


    It’s episode 100! Ben and Sean try to wrap their heads around the Bitcoin phenomena and what it means for the future of money. Also, Trump continues to cause all the trouble he can around the world and finished an extremely serious speech this week with a hilarious garbled word. (God Bless the United Shersh!)¬†Later, Chipotle takes another crack at queso, last year’s Grinch from Amarillo has gone viral again and restoration experts find a 200 year old note stuffed in a unique spot. All that and more over some celebratory hooch!

  • Episode 99

    This week, Ben and Sean try to act shocked as more gigantic personalities are brought down by claims of sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, Trump continues to be his normal self. This week he managed to toss a racial slur at some Native Americans before retweeting a British Neo-Nazi’s questionable videos. Also, there’s a royal wedding coming soon but the British aren’t as excited about it as we are. Other topics include the not-so-glamorous Bellagio Heist that didn’t involve George Clooney and another huge video game developer gets caught lying to players.